Top 5 Reasons To Sell Your Home In The Winter


With Fall here and cold weather coming to many of us, it's that time of year that seller's ask about the best time to sell their home.  Chances are if you're asking this now, your home won't be ready until it really feels like winter.   Ask any real estate professional when the best time to sell their home and they undoubtedly will tell you right now. That is to say, whenever it is you're asking.  I've found that there are some distinct Benefits Of Selling Your Home In The Winter that many people miss.


1. Your Home Looks Its Best In The Fall and Winter

The first one that almost all real estate agents use but nevertheless, it's still true - your home looks its best in the Fall and Winter. Chances are you have holiday things out and have cleaned the home because you might be expecting visitors. After the holiday stuff is put away the home usually looks clean.

2. Fall Colors and Snow Make Great Photos

In Georgia, we have gold and red displayed in the trees next to brick and craftsman style homes for some major eye candy.  Snow photos of homes for sale in Detroit are always cool (but careful because they could date the photos) and enticing. In addition, photos are important for those weeks when weather is bad and in particular Atlantans are notorious for not being able to drive in weather.  For those of you in Florida real estate, bookmark this article and.. send it to your New Yorker relatives as you don't really have Fall or Winter.

3. Buyers That Look During Winter HAVE To Buy

One thing that people miss is the obvious. Most people don't really want to move during the holidays, that means that buyers that are looking are much more motivated. In essence, they HAVE to buy a home. After the holidays the same holds true but the obvious "holiday" isn't in the way. Most buyers will want to move during spring or after school (as will most sellers).

4.  Less Hassle Than You Think To Sell During Holidays

Lastly and tied to the point above, is that the there are fewer overall home buyers that are more motivated that means less overall showings. So it's less of a hassle and less people just "browsing" what's on the market.   In general, the buyers are more serious during the winter and more likely to act. 

5.  Less Competition

If you're reading this, chances are several other would-be sellers are too.  Most of them will opt not to sell and wait for spring.  For many markets, there is a real answer to the question, "when is the best time to sell your home."  However, not everyone can pick the time to move.  The reality of it is that it's tough to really do the analysis because overall winter is very good in some markets because there's less inventory and although there's less buyers, the buyers that are looking are more motivated.

General Cold Weather Recommendation

  • In terms of cold weather, as an agent we do more vetting of the properties to ensure our time is spent properly. In great weather you might have a few homes that might not make the cut or are in the same subdivision because you're enjoying the weather.
  • For sellers we recommend they leave the heater on, especially if it's a vacant or rarely used home.
  • Open Houses are still effective, however, coffee and hot cocoa are more appropriate to make it a festiv event.
  • Recommend seller putting in foam insulation in the window gaps to keep the home a bit more insulated. Overall I'd rather show a home that too warm on a cold day then not warm enough.

Conclusion to Benefits Of Selling Your Home In The Winter

Ultimately you should move when it suits your family.  There's benefits to selling in the Winter, just as there are in the Spring, Summer.  That's pretty much why every agent says, the best time to sell your home is now.  

Written by Joshua Jarvis